If a piece of jewellery has surface scratches or has simply lost its natural glow, it can be polished. However, rhodium plated jewellery cannot be polished. The brightness of gold is restored in our Mossa workshops using a felt disk and a polishing paste. To be polished, a piece of jewellery is immersed into an ultrasound tank filled with lukewarm soapy water so that the less accessible parts are reached. Any piece can be treated with ultrasound, except those that have pearls, emeralds, or stones that are considered delicate. During the polishing process, a very thin metal layer is removed; therefore, this operation should be performed only a few times throughout the lifetime of a gold piece of jewellery.


In our workshops we can re-size rings, bracelets and necklaces. To open the ring to be re-sized our technician uses a very thin saw, removes or adds metal, and then, using special tweezers, he joins the two separate pieces again. For a necklace or link bracelet, the adjustment consists in removing or adding new links. After that, the pieces are polished with brushes immersed in three different abrasive pastes until a perfectly polished surface is obtained.


To exalt the purity and brightness of white gold, at times you can cover it with a thin layer of rhodium, a metal belonging to the platinum family. After being polished, the piece of jewellery is immersed in a rhodium bath to apply a new thin layer of metal onto the white gold.


With this service the original aspect of a piece of jewellery that has undergone any type of damage is restored. First of all, an estimate is made. Once the estimate is accepted by the customer, the lab technician proceeds to restore the shape of the piece of jewellery with the help of a small hammer. If necessary, a weld is performed to assemble the two parts of a piece of jewellery, using a welding torch thanks to which the metal is brought to a high temperature in order to be easily worked. Then, he removes every trace of rust by immersing the piece of jewellery into an acid bath. If the piece has a stone missing, our professional setter places it again. This is an extremely delicate stage during which the prongs and set may be redone in order to create a safe place for the bezel.


Our engraving service offers the chance to personalise each piece created, provided that there are not any technical constrains and depending on the space available. A name, phrase or date can be engraved in any language, as well as symbol or pattern agreed upon with the customer.
A burin is used to engrave; this tool permits etching and engraving metal. However, most of the engravings are made using a laser, a technique that offers enhanced precision. One engraving can be deleted or replaced with another.