To find out the right size of your ring you can either measure the diameter of a ring that fits you well or measure the circumference of your finger

How to measure the diameter of a ring
Chose a ring that fit you well and use a ruler to measure its diameter. Find the right size in the table here below.

How to measure the circumference of a ring
Use a measuring tape. Measure the finger circumference in mm.
The size chosen must slide easily along the finger.
If in doubt between two sizes, choose the larger one. The selection of the size also depends on
the type of ring- a big model, for example a band ring, has to fit less snug than a small model
such an engagement or wedding ring.
Our hands are not identical; so a ring that is generally worn on a finger of the left hand may not fit
well on the same finger of the right hand.


Ring Size Inner Diameter (mm) Inner Circumference (mm)
6 14,65 46
7 14,97 47
8 15,29 48
9 15,60 49
10 15,92 50
11 16,24 51
12 16,56 52
13 16,88 53
14 17,2 54
15 17,52 55
16 17,83 56
17 18,15 57
18 18,47 58
19 18,79 59
20 19,11 60
21 19,43 61



To measure your wrist you can use a tape measure. Wrap the tape around the wrist and write down the number overlapping 0 on the tape. Then you can add or take centimetres depending on how you want the bracelet, if loose, fit or tight fit. Or simply measure a bracelet you already have.