When Mossa jewellery is made, the main stimulus for the creative process is always the customer- bespoke design based on what he wants and his character. A piece of jewellery by Mossa is not merely the result of handicraft and skills; it is in fact, the result of a creative research laboratory guided by ‘Architects of Jewellery’ in the sense that they ‘develop the concept and then direct the work’.

Our engraving service offers the chance to personalise each piece created, provided that there are not any technical constrains and depending on the space available. A name, phrase or date can be engraved in any language, as well as symbol or pattern agreed upon with the customer. A burin is used to engrave; this tool permits etching and engraving metal. However, most of the engravings are made using a laser, a technique that offers enhanced precision. One engraving can be deleted or replaced with another.